• Flanny A

    15 baby animals that are definitely not cute

  • Lindsay Mustard

    This baby bird grows into a beautiful mountain parrot, the Kea. http://0.tqn.com/d/goaustralia/1/0/3/i/kea.jpg

  • Melina Seabrook

    Baby parrot rejected by mom called ugliest bird in the world- I mean, I'll love it

  • yasb∞gie

    Nelson a baby Kea parrot, spent his first month of life in an incubator after being rejected by his mother, has been dubbed “ugliest bird in the world”

  • Corgi Flop

    We've collected 6 of the most scary animal babies from some of the most adorable of adults in the animal kingdom... You won't believe that this lovely animals could have such scary children!!

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