OMG, THOSE ABS. Jenna Wolfe, who's a personal trainer on top of her TODAY anchor gig, gives some advice for those needing motivation to stop slacking and get back to the gym.

No Personal Trainer~

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Have you worked out today? Get to it!

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"This is how fitness freaks goof off," Jenna Wolfe, TODAY anchor and personal trainer, tweeted earlier today. (Jenna's on the right -- her fellow fitness guru and trainer, Amanda Russell, is on the left.)

Jenna Wolfe (born Jennifer Wolfeld; February 26, 1974) is an Jamaican American correspondent for NBCs Today, and the news anchor for Weekend Today, and had once substituted on the NBC Nightly News. Description from I searched for this on


this is a good thing to remember for when I'm craving something to eat


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Its about being fit...not skinny

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