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Sure, you can pack a tent into the wilderness, but it never hurts to have a Plan B. Penned by Boy Scouts co-founder D.C. Beard, Shelters, Shacks, and Shanties: The Classic Guide to Building Wilderness Shelters can provide you with...

Whether you're a curious hiker or nervous camper, leaf identification is a useful skill to have. Learn how to identify different types of non-poisonous and poisonous leaves, like poison sumac, sugar maple, poison oak, gingko, and poison ivy. 27 Leaves Every Camper Should Know How to Identify | Red Rover Camping

Know your knots so you're not all for naught. And what's more romantic than a celtic knotwork star-flower, right?

Free 76 Page Fully Illustrated Pioneering Book

Free 76 Page Fully Illustrated Pioneering Book Just click the link to open the pdf type page that will allow you to save or print.

PaleoBarefoots Outback Shoes Leaves You Barefooted

PaleoBarefoots Outback Shoes give you that “close to nature” feeling in the truest sense of the word.