Lehman's Hardware - found in Amish Country, Ohio. CLICK HERE for more about Lehman's old fashioned store at www.OACountry.com! #Amish #Kidron #Lehman #Ohio #Tourism

Amish Country, Ohio - Millersburg, in Amish Country, is great. In the "downtown" area there are fabulous antiques shops, an amazing antique book store, a vintage clothing shop. Then you can tool around and hit Heinie's Cheese Barn, some wonderful farm stands and some homey restaurants.

Lehman's Hardware Store in Ohio's Amish Country is not your average hardware store. Find out why this one is not just for men.

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The Smuckers store and restaurant in Ohio. Had so much fun there!

Ohio. 1992.

Amish Country, Ohio

Winter in Ohio's Amish country

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

It's almost like we're obligated to buy this cool Amish print since our move to Lancaster County, PA!

Nashville, Tennessee..Located behind the Original Opry House, "The Ryman"..All The Country Music Stars hung out here before and after performances!

Sugar Creek Ohio...Otherwise known as The Little Switzerland of Ohio. (Beautiful and a fun day visit if you ever get a chance)

Amish country - Berlin, Ohio Love Berlin (been here w my Ohio sis!)

A sunny ride in Ohio's Amish Country. CLICK HERE for more about Ohio's Amish Country at www.OACountry.com! #Amish #Ohio #Tourism (Doyle Yoder photo)

Things to do in Berlin Ohio

Berlin, Ohio - Amish Country

Walnut Creek Cheese is one of THE places to be in Ohio's Amish Country. Fresh meats and cheeses, an extensive grocery store, free donuts on Tuesday mornings, The Mudd Valley Creamery - it's all there! CLICK THE PHOTO for more about Ohio's Amish Country at www.OACountry.com! #Ohio #Amish #Cheese

Sugarcreek, Ohio AMISH COUNTRY!

In Ohio Amish Country

Pennsylvania Amish Country