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How to Repel Spiders Outdoors

Happy Science is a global religion that aims to teach the truth about life, the world, and ourselves to inspire and give guidance in the 21st century and onwards. The founder, Master Ryuho Okawa, teaches the global and universal Truth of El Cantare, whose mission is to create harmony and prosperity for all people. The Principles of Happiness taught at Happy Science transcend nations, cultures and religions and are the key to resolving religious conflicts worldwide.

Early morning dew drops on purple flowers...pretty.

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Luminous Leaves Canvas Print / Canvas Art by Brian Stevens

~~Luminous Leaves ~ autumn aspen leaves by Brian Stevens~~

From buttery yellow to amber orange and burgundy red, leaves are beginning to turn brilliant hues all across the United States, heralding the arrival of fall as a chill fills the air. To celebrate this seasonal change, we've created a gallery displaying a rainbow of fall leaves. #autumn #leaves #udderlysmooth