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Repurposed recycled reuse -old computer keyboards, monitors, towers. Seed starter - cat bed - aquarium ...


Jim Halpert

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Sleeping Beauty finds her prince…

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If i were a disney princess. Yep. 5 more minutes PLEASE. I tell my prince that every morning. Haha! Awesome!


The Old Lady On The Iron Throne

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The Old Lady On The Iron Throne - I give her credit for being a woman Monarch. Take that, middle eastern, sexist guys. She may be only a figurehead, but she still rocks a crown just like she did 50 years ago.

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Sheldon Overreacting





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Hahahahah Hilarious

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The last one. XD

The last one. XD

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The last one. XD

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how to make your friends like you

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April Fools Day! Googly eyes.


I’m hitting every copier in the office with this…

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Wondering if I could do this for April Fools at one of the schools.

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april fools joke


Christmas decoration

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Can NOT. Stop. Laughing! This is hilarious!!! You cud just put a warning sign in front yard that "It's just a Christmas decoration and not real..please enjoy the holidays!! Merry Christmas"

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