Dry erase "I love you because frame" nice reminder :)

DIY "i <3 you because ___" tutorial...SO easy and only cost $1.18! Great gift idea for a spouse or kids.

Cute & Easy DIY Wipe Off Board

Frame the key from your first home together--would be cute with a street map behind the key. Will definitely make this one day!

Glue 3 picture frames together with no backs, then place a flameless candle inside to illuminate the photos for awesome centerpiece!

Dry Erase Frame. Perfect for Big/Lil week!

A few pieces of scrapbook paper and a frame collage can get you a very cute and customizable weekly planner

Keep notes about all the things you're grateful for in a little jar...great to open next New Years Day!

Great way to display your favorite quotes and inspirations.

DIY Canvas Rocky "Rocking Birds" on Real Branches! Easy to make and when you "prep" the canvas and branches with Waterproof PVE (wood) glue, you can leave it outside too! :-) You need: a Canvas, some nice Rocks, some branches, a permanent marker/sharpie or steady paint hand :-) I added some music notes too, just a extra birdy touch! :-D

Inverted wine glasses as candle holders is such a cute idea, and the roses really make it gorgeous. But imagine the options... snow and trees during winter, nests w/ Easter eggs and flowers for spring, loads of flowers for summer, and autumn leaves and spices for fall. The possibilities are endless, and wineglasses are CHEAP.

I love you because ____: Leave line blank, write with dry-erase so can change daily... This is so cute!

Gift for Grandparents - my mom would love this!

Weekly Dry Erase Calendar, very adorable :)

Birthday Calendar

dry erase frame

the dates our lives were forever changed

picture through a window... Cute idea!

Fabric or scrapbook paper for a background with a painted initial in an open frame.

Fabric covered cereal boxes for photo frame mats - photo tutorial.