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Gardening from the grocery store

christmas wreath 2013, these are the "mulberry" colored pepper berries I was suggesting.. would match the colored glass wall

muscadines! I tried forever to capture a picture like this, but the lighting and my crap camera wouldn't work!

Blackberries, Blueberries

summer berry crisp in Vermont by cannelle-vanille


Stone Fruit: Prunus Avium - Cherries, Sweet and Sour Cherries: Bing Cherries, Rainier Cherry, Montmorency Cherries, North Star Cherry, Gold Cherry, Prunus Armeniaca - Apricots: GoldCot, Harval, Harogem Apricot, Curtis Apricot, Amygdalus Persica - Nectarines, Fantasia nectarine, Harired Nectarine, Flavortop Nectarine, Prunus Domestica - Plums: Fellenberg plum, Elephant Heart Plum, Simka Plum, Methley Plum, Empress Plum, Green gage, Red Hart, Prune D'agen, French Prune, Vision Plum, Prunus Persica

summer berry crisp in Vermont Soft dreamy dappled light. Colours and textures on bowl look like a bouquet of flowers. Love the greenery in the backdrop. So evocative of early summer.

Toyon berries (Heteromeles arbutifolia): The pomes provided food for local Native American tribes, such as the Chumash, Tongva, and Tataviam. The pomes also can be made into a jelly. Native Americans also made a tea from the leaves as a stomach remedy. Most were dried and stored, then later cooked into porridge or pancakes. Later settlers added sugar to make custard and wine.