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Today definitely..realizing that no matter how hard I try to be a better person, that all my determination to be a better person and succeed is probably for nothing bcuz my past will never stop haunting me and taking goals right from me! I'm not a quitter but this is such a huge set back and I feel like a complete failure. If you need me today...I'll be hiding under the deepest rock

from Dobrador

If I'm weird around you

I am always very quiet and shy until you get to know me, then I am very loud and crazy and I feel as if this quote describes me perfectly. It isn't until I am very comfortable with someone that I allow them to really know me.

from Etsy

Hugs Keep Us Alive - Art Print

Make sure this isn't happening to you or if it is...stop stressing about life and try to think of all to be grateful is good for your health!