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  • Sondra Rehbein

    So true. Story of my life

  • Heather Chatfield

    Let's drink beer and eat nachos and discuss how skinny we're gonna be when we start exercising.@Jessica Bailey

  • Mckenzie S

    Bahahahaha Ashley! Sounds like us.

  • E B

    Let's drink beer and eat nachos and discuss how skinny we're gonna be when we start exercising. | Friendship Ecard | Except Wine and Chinese food

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"Every minute is a LASSO! Let's just take it real slow." *Someone pins a picture of Louis with a mustache and a lasso and quotes that part in the song and has the caption:"That's what it sounds like!" *I google the real lyrics* "Every minute is the last so, let's just take it real slow." I feel like I was living a lie.

I wish a company would be like "Hey Asia we'll pay you to pin for us" that would make my life right now. Somebody have pity on a college student who is tired of relying on her parents

This guy gets me. There's a a point in time when you reach a certain age when you just feel like not having plans sounds 100 times better than going out. For me this feeling hit at age 18. And I have no shame in it.

How often does this happen? What about us "Mature Ladies" who are permanently lacking certain hormones because we have been told it is bad for our health if we were to bring them up to adequate levels? And yet "Low T" is now all the rage and men of all ages are now going for raising that testosterone as a cure for all their ills, being promised that they will be like teenagers again! =/

I do so many things well, none of which generate income.

I often walk a fine line between "super fun" mom and "kinda psychotic, maybe we should call the authorities" mom.

I don't hate people, I just feel better when they aren't around.

They say if you you really want to know a person, look at their pinterest board. I say if you really really want to know a person, check out what they liked. You guys are some kinky bitches, keep up the good work.

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Funny Confession Ecard: Yep just what I thought... I have no idea what is going on.

I just want to let you know that if you ever need to have a plant killed, I'm the person to do that job.

Oh My gosh this is me. Haha! Yep! Sounds about right..