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    “We have the choice to continue down the road of economic slavery, or we can throw those shackles off!” – C.L. Bryant



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    "Here is your drink sire." She whispered as she brought his wine to the prince. "Sire seems to imply that I am your master, and you are the slave, I do think it is the other way around." He said taking the glass and staring at her. She turned away with a look of disgust. She HATED him. It was because of him that her country was in ashes and her family was dead. "Ah ah, I wasn't done talking with you," He growled as her grabbed her arm bringing her close to his face.

    (Rp? I'm the girl. They're supposed to be frowning) "Listen to me." He pleaded, following me into the gardens. "You have to hear me out." "No I don't." I turn and walk faster. I feel a hand on my arm and I get turned around. "You're in danger. And I want to help." (She's a princess. Idc what he is. No powers or fandoms.)

    Hell Inspiration- Bound Soul

    January 11th is Human Trafficking Awareness Day. Show your support for the ending of human trafficking.

    Dean and Mo holding hands after she's forced to kill her father (Alistair)

    I have been trapped here for weeks with hardly any food. Everyday at the same time someone comes in and beats me until I go unconscious. Now I am bruised and bloody from the beatings. I am also weak, so I hardly ever move. Now I am sitting in the corner, waiting for another beating. When I hear the door open I brace myself for the pain but it never comes.

    They allowed me to keep my hair. Of all the trials I faced, the one thing I never wished to part with was my hair. The dark auburn locks fell over my shoulders and hid my downcast face. My body felt the weight of all the poor decisions I'd made since rising from the sea and joining the humans. I'd lost control of my hunger. Now, I would pay. The rope around my neck rubbed my skin raw, though most of my pale skin already suffered injury and the pain ceased to offend my senses. My mind instead chose to focus on my hair, the brilliant color dulled by the dirty dungeon floor was no less appealing. A tug on the rope made me stumble back, losing my balance. I had yet to get my land legs.

    Image via We Heart It #blood #boy #sad #sexy #animeboy #erenjaeger

    Sometimes I wonder if love is worth fighting for. Then I look at you. ... ... I am ready for war :)


    Eerie | Creepy | Surreal | Uncanny | Strange | 不気味 | Mystérieux | Strano | Stained Hands by MKAphotography

    I pull my hand out of the snow, it leaves a bloody handprint. "Just a few scratches." I mumble, looking at my hands and legs. Credit to @Akcdoglover

    "I'd have dreams. They started when I was in absolute darkness. I'd be lost. But then my dad would show up. There would be light all around him, as if he were some sort of angel. And he would grab me by the wrist like I was some sort of child, and he'd punish, he'd hurt me. About halfway through my mom would always show up. And he'd hurt her. And I couldn't stop it. And that's what made them nightmares."--Shark

    Prisoner...Nissa #segolia #scene #inspiration