“We have the choice to continue down the road of economic slavery, or we can throw those shackles off!” – C.L. Bryant

The circulation in her hands began to cut off as she practically hung there, standing on her toes to relieve some of the pressure. Heather winced as the ropes cut into her wrists. If only she could reach her boot knife!

"Here is your drink sire." She whispered as she brought his wine to the prince. "Sire seems to imply that I am your master, and you are the slave, I do think it is the other way around." He said taking the glass and staring at her. She turned away with a look of disgust. She HATED him. It was because of him that her country was in ashes and her family was dead. "Ah ah, I wasn't done talking with you," He growled as her grabbed her arm bringing her close to his face.

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I want to know the story behind this. She kinda looks like Jane Eyre What if Mr. Rochester was a serial killer Idk Story Idea: darker twist on Jane Eyre

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Beautiful and sad at the same time. #photography #red #face

No. Prim said as she tried to un ti the ropes that bound her hands. It's no use. A girl said from the other side of the sell. Flam. She said. How did you get here

@ Addie Rose this remind you of anyone?

Sometimes I wonder if WE'RE worth fighting for, but then I just look at you and think, "We totally are. Whether you want this as bad as I do, we're definitely worth fighting for."

"They died side by side. Their hands barely touching. Brother and sister..." Kegan choked out a sob. "They were more than that, they were twins with an inseparable bond, even in the end they went together."

"I won't hurt you," she whispered smiling wildly. I shrunk against the wall and shut me eyes trying to ignore the blood covered hand she held out for me. "This is no way to treat your king" I spoke

I was walking along the road when i saw a beautiful horse tied to a post outside the tavern. I looked around but didn't see anyone, so i walked up ad started petting the brown horse. "Her name's Destiny." said a man's voice behind me. I jumped away, startled, "I-i-i-i'm sorry sir." (Open RP, be him?)

i usually don’t draw au’s, so this is kinda out of the ordinary… but before i knew it, i was sketching this unlikely pair- Maka Albarn, who’s involved in (or president of) almost every extracurricular at school, and Soul Evans, slacker extraordinaire. blegh it’s so cliche, i love it.

Craig Horner Camden stood, ready for death. The metal chains around his neck. the look on his face was one I had seen before, after he was tortured by Romaine. Blank, eyes with such lack of hope it killed me to look at him.He knew no one was comming for him. He was facing death.