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Quit it, Justin…

Quit it, Justin…

Funny pictures about That's it boy. Oh, and cool pics about That's it boy. Also, That's it boy.

The cuties of Harry Potter.

Well hello there, boys. If they were only this hot in the movies😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

I think I cried a bit.

Nothing has ever described Harry Potter as well as this. It made me cry and laugh all at once. You know you're a true Harry Potter fan if you read the whole thing. And as for the Harry Potter generation, this story will live in us forever and.Always

"Oh no, I have to go to my class in a CASTLE and learn MAGIC" Never realized Harry Potter was kind of whiny.

harry Potter Periodic Table This Harry Potter table displays all of the characters in the books in once easy to read table. I like how the colors match the houses within the books. Also it is labeled well which helps the reader find any character easily.

Harry Potter - Through the Pensieve (I may have pinned this before, but it is great and needed to be pinned again!)

If you consider yourself a HP fan at all, this video is beyond words. This gave me chills. Every good thing about HP wrapped up on one exquisite vid! I am in love with this video

Whoa...... o_O

harry potter - matthew lewis - cedric diggory: this is why Cedric was the saddest death for me.