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    • Joe Williams

      Wonder Woman circa 1890

    • Meredith McMillian

      carte de visite of an exotic dancer from the late 1800s

    • Lisa Garrett

      Burlesque beauties of the 1890s: Stunning vintage photos of 'loose women in tights' who perfected the art of the tease. This is a website that has a bunch of photos of old burlesque dancers. So cool!

    • Kathryn Lamon

      Community Post: Vintage Burlesque Photos From The 1890s

    • Jane Hanna

      Victorian burlesque performer : police officer [1890s]

    • Laura Soyster

      Exotic Dancers Of 1890

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    A lovely young Victorian woman shows off her impressive head of wavy hair -- worthy of Rapunzel. Looks like waves from tight braiding.

    But there are no details relating to Mrs Osbourne - arrested at an unknown location in 1919

    Vera Crichton, 23

    Drug user: Amy Lee, 41, was described in court as a 'good looking girl until she fell victim to the foul practice' of snorting cocaine. Her dry, blotchy skin is testament to the drug use

    Bigamist: By the age of 24 Alice Adeline Cooke had amassed a number of aliases and at least two husbands

    Newborn: Emily Hemsworth killed baby son but could not remember details and was found not guilty due to insanity

    Backstreet abortions: Janet Wright, 68, nearly killed a teenage patient during illegal proceudre

    Career crime: Edith Ashton. 37, was a backyard abortionist who also dabbled in theft and fencing stolen goods. Described in the media as a 'social somebody' she was suspected of contributing to the deaths of at least two women during abortions

    User: Fay Watson is found in the New South Wales Police Gazette from 1928. She was arrested in a house in Crown Street, Darlinghurst, and subsequently convicted for being in possession of cocaine for which she was fined ten pounds.

    Killer: 34-year-old Alma Smith was jailed for five years for performing an illegal abortion on a young woman who later died

    Prostitution: Elizabeth Singleton had multiple convictions for soliciting and was described in police records as a common prostitute. She was imprisoned at Long Bay but the details of her sentence have been lost

    Stealing: Doris Poole appeared before the Newtown Police Court charged with stealing jewellery and clothing. She had previously been convicted on a similar charge in North Sydney and so received a six-month sentence with light labour

    Robber: Jean Wilson, 23, had numerous convictions for housebreaking and theft. She preferred stealing jewellery as it could be easily pawned for money. She also robbed her employer and served a 12-month sentence

    Money making; Clara Randall reported to police that her Bondi flat had been broken into and a quantity of jewellery stolen. It was later discovered she had pawned the jewellery for cash. Randall was sentenced to 18 months with light labour

    World weary: Little is known of this older criminal Annie Matthews - criminal record number 634LB arrested on 3 July 1924

    Thief: Legendary undercover policeman Constable CJ Chuck, or 'The Shadow' as he was known within the criminal milieu, was responsible for the arrest of Jessie Longford, 30, a well-known shoplifter

    Eugenia Falleni, alias Harry Crawford

    Mil capas de tul: Cortana❤2013

    Marilyn Monroe meets Queen Elizabeth II, London, 1956 Both women are 30 years old.

    The odd couples: Four couples of women pose for a photo, around 1910

    Victorian romance: A couple from the 1890s gazes into each others' eyes

    arm tattoo | Tumblr en We Heart It.

    drakecaperton: From The Perfect Woman

    Geraldine Hoff Doyle, was a 17 years (in 1942) while she was working at the American Broach & Machine Co. when a photographer snapped a pic of her on the job. That image used by J. Howard Miller for the “We Can Do It!” poster, released during World War II.