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  • Joci Besecker

    our family motto

  • Chelsea Cook

    In this home... cute idea! I would love to write our vows over our bed too...

  • Tricia Coville

    In This Home... Wall Decals - Wall Quote

  • Elyse Gard Ledford

    Cute idea. Best family rules ever.

  • Anne Kobbermann

    I imagine something like this in the space next to the doors to the office. Another option would be to post "house rules" there. Lincoln has informed me that Rule #1 for our home is "no polar bears allowed".

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Okay - I need this sign for my yard "YARD RULES" - minus the fishing part. Unless you count using a princess fishing pool with a plastic crown to fish for our cat!

cute idea. Great for "that wall" that you have no idea what to do with.

love this! (well, maybe not the seahawks football part) sorry @shelley granier

My grandmother would make you eat everything that was on your plate. If you said you were full or didn't like, it went in the refrigerator for the next meal. Big mistake! Lesson learned; eat it while it's still hot and edible. LOL!

In This HomeHouse RulesAntiqued Plank Typography by cellardesigns, $179.00

I really want a chalkboard wall somewhere in my house one day...Nothing huge, but somewhere for reminders and good quotes

Trying to "narrow down" what my fave Family Rules are so that I can fiiiinally make the sign -- I've had all the supplies ready for like 2 weeks!