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    • Cie

      omg real life story.

    • Angelique Behm

      This is so true..especially for the.."Help I've fallen and i can't get up commercial".. that is a scary commercial..eek.. #humor

    • Heather Johnson

      Why is this true? WHY? Also applies for actually in the shows/movies. Meaning, "Volume during conversations: ........" vs. "Volume during action or excitement/drama: !!!!!!!GYYAAAAAAAAAAAAHHH!!!!!!!" Zero to 300 in .00001 seconds. True story. So true it HURTS!

    • Ethan Trowbridge

      i just laughed so stinkin hard! - So true and why is the music in the movie way louder than the dialogue too???

    • Shelly Smits

      So true! it drives me crazy. ACH - PET PEEVE!

    • Mallory Kjar

      This made me laugh way harder than it should have! It's the truth though!

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    At some point, a show stops being a show and becomes a utility: gas, electricity, water, The Simpsons. That’s not my line; it’s cribbed from a quote about 60 Minutes by its creator, the late Don Hewitt. But it seems appropriate to recycle a point about one long-running program in an article about another when it’s as self-consciously self-cannibalizing as The Simpsons. Matt Groening’s indestructible cartoon sitcom has run 23 seasons and will air its 500th episode on February 19. It hasn’t been a major cultural force in a decade or more, unless you count 2007’s splendid The Simpsons Movie, but it’s still the lingua franca of pop-culture junkies, quoted in as many contexts as the Holy Bible and Star Wars, neither of which includes lines as funny as “Me fail English? That’s unpossible!”

    seriously....even when I watch stuff on the internet...

    Oh Jim.

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    oh ron

    haha As my mother would say.

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    My Thursday nights are complete because of this.

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