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This could be a neat project to do with almost any age. It's super simple to do; after tracing your hand, make a curved line connecting the two sides of your trace, make the outer lines straight. Could be a neat project to start about talk about 3-D Art! Very Cool! :) Jade Lins

Creating an abstract painting is not difficult. Of course, an artist would be able to take to a whole new level but we’re going to focus on a simple project for now. Try to make the design seem random and don’t spend too much time thinking about the meaning behind the image. Such a piece would look nice in the dining room or in a large space. {found on thenewdomestic}.

Un lienzo en bastidor y un rollito #washitape son suficientes para modernizar un rincón en casa.

Colorful Canvas Wall Art. Just use paper lace as a stencil on top of canvas.

hmmm... maybe, since my painting skills are at "t-rex in space" level, I can just do something like this to hang about the giant empty wall space over my couch

I bought two $22 primed canvases from Blick, a spool of textured charcoal thread, and a foot of charcoal starched linen-like fabric. I cut the gray fabric into 14-18 leaves for each canvas and cut a small slit in the center of each leaf to make room for the thread.

I see these old paintings at goodwill all the time that are not really my style but I hate the idea of them going to waste. This is a great way to use those paintings and keep the original art but flare it up for your own home!

I like this blog because she is an art teacher for young children and describes her lessons very well

Found an old doily you love but don't really know what to do with it? Upcycle into Doily Art - super cute and inexpensive too!

Canvas Chic Pick up a large fabric stretcher and some fun fabric (look for bright and bold prints). Stretch the fabric over the frame and secure with a staple gun for a customized yet inexpensive statement piece