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Sequoia National Park

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  • Elizabeth G

    Sequoia National Park, California. Redwoods - the bark that supplies my pottermore wand. My geekness is only overshadowed by these monumental trees.

  • Kia Schroeder

    California Redwood National Forest

  • Brittany Brown

    Druids Trees, Redwood Forest, CA

  • Tanya Purdy

    Sequoia National Park, California, USA - one of my favorite places!

  • Julee Isaac

    Sequoia National Park, California, USA Sequoia National Park contains some of the largest sequoia trees in the world – most notably the General Sherman tree which at 274.9 foot tall makes it the largest known tree on earth. Sequoia National Park, although famous for its range of sequoia trees, also features many other attractive areas, such as Crystal Cave and many free roaming animals, including black bears and mule deers. Most Beautiful Places In The World

  • Utah State Fair

    California Redwoods. The sun shining through is just brilliant. #californiaredwoods

  • Amy Baird

    Sequoia National Park, California, USA ----Bucket List

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Sequoia National Park...home

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