gift wrap bday gift with number of candles corresponding to birthday

How to wrap gifts.

Happy 18th Birthday Candle Card, Personalised, 18 Today, 18th, Handmade, Unique. on Etsy, £3.90

collection of ideas for Christmas gift wrapping

31 Ways to Wrap Gifts...really creative ideas on here.

eco gift wrapping with pretty fabric

cute gift wrap

First Birthday Card. Creative Packaging.

Gift decoration: Dip box in glue. Dip in Confetti.

birthday gift wrapping

Cute gift wrapping

While I know it isn't the case for everyone, I've been incredibly blessed when it comes to having the greatest parents follow the link to my blog and I will send you the template!

Gift Toppers - Martha Stewart Crafts

Fun gift wrap ideas for kids.

DIY: 4 creative ways to gift wrap using a ball of yarn

cool gift wrap idea!!

Beaded gift wraps

Gift wrapping fun with a jump rope ribbon!


Forty Gifts for a Fortieth, brilliant idea & gorgeous wrapping. From seejaneblog.

DIY Button Craft: DIY Gift wrapping with buttons Ever have that moment when you see something that makes you go... wow why didn't I think of that.