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A soldier and his squirrel…

Soldier rescued baby squirrel- His little bean bag! Sleeping on the guy's chest without a care in the world! I can't even- it's too cute.


Everything in Japan is cuter…


Random Pictures Of The Day – 81 Pics


Could This Be Any Sweeter?

Baby Squirrel has claimed this human - though they are freaking adorable, squirrels generally do NOT make good pets; their hoarding behaviours can make a mess and damage furniture & other belongings, and they can become aggressive after puberty. Please bring orphan squirrels to a wildlife rehabilitator to give them the best chance at life!

baby squirrel OMG..... I sooooo want one #animals #squirrel #baby

Let everything that hath breath praise the Lord! | Family dinner | Set: <a href=""> Nature - animals</a> Explore #2

"Hallelujah, praise jesus!" << Not my original words, but had to repost!


Rob the tiny squirrel…