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    • Renee Treska Britvec

      Everyday I question how I got HERE, to this very point. How I'm still breathing after days of lifelessness, after being completely shattered from broken promises and endless sacrifices. How I believed wholeheartedly in your whisper of "forever" while you ultimately sold me out to the devil. How am I strong enough...My God, that's how. He didn't abandon me as did you. Your promises meant nothing but heartache and pain. You allowed me to sacrifice my life for you. You will forever have to weather the storm knowing the truth, whether you face the reality of it or not.

    • FromCtoC

      once the storm is over... so true to my life

    • Meghan Weed

      Weathering the storm sounds alot like nursing school

    • Tamara R.

      Haruki Murakami - once the storm is over

    • Callan Smith

      TRUTH (post preemie NICU stay) you'll be better, stronger, smarter

    • Judy Jones

      Mylife daily...

    • Julia Shewmaker

      Positive Inspirational Quotes: And once the storm is over ...

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