EXP_2008. Handmade collage + lettering. Artwork by Ricardo Donato. absolutely love..

katherine chang liu

Robert Motherwell

Print Art Ink Drawing Collage Mixed Media Bicycle Bike Painting Illustration Gift Cat Autographed by artist Emanuel M. Ologeanu

Derek Gores collage www.derekgores.com

Jane Cornwell (Art) What I'm thinking about for trees (craft)

"Zipperlegs". A3 paper collage. Really nice to add texture by doing a collage, or even a digital cut out style looks minimal and interesting.

Collage via Bird in the Hand on Flickr

janet jones

I was thinking of something like this, but with Marumiyan's head and having all the things that inspire his work coming out of his head

Janet Jones · Notations No.28 · Collage with metal leaf

Lance Letscher collage

Brian Elston . 2006 / 15 x11 mixed media collage on paper .

stephen talasnik....Surveyor, 2009 Collage and acrylic on prepared wood panel 72 x 24 inches.

lisa hochstein

Edward Paolozzi 1946


Collage art work by: Lisa Hochstein

Stephen Talasnik, "Modern Measurement," 2008, collage on panel

Faune-Yerby-Alphabet-Collage-Firecracker.jpg 1.024×819 pixels