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    Holly's Vibrant, Personal Twist on Traditional Style — House Tour

    Name: Holly Marsh Location: South Carolina Size: 2400 square feet Years lived in: 4 years Holly's former life as a Kindergarten teacher has its creative little fingerprints all over her cozy little home. Maybe it's the familiarity with craft supplies, or maybe it's the inspiration of little minds dr...
    • Tasha McCormick

      Old Shutter - Kitchen Mail Center Hang keys and purse

    • Cristy Compte

      Window Shutter For Keys & Mail Holder

    • Janeth S7

      Very #cute #idea for a #key #holder / #mail #holder #kids #art #holder

    • Jay Walker-Jones

      a recycled louvre door as a bulletin board | this will organize my mail & keys

    • Amyleigh DeVito

      Life as a Thrifter: A "Catch-All" Shutter Project In between front door & kitchen? I like key holder idea & mail/grocery list

    • Vanessa Ybarbo

      old shutter door for kitchen, clothespins for papers & hooks for keys.

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