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    I’m one of the room moms for Luke and Lila’s kindergarten class and we’re getting ready for a little Christmas party this week. The other room mom came up with a cute snowflake craft and I thought it would be fun to stick with a snowy theme in the snacks. I’ve made snowman cupcakes, snowman donuts, ...
    December 12, 2011

    Snowman Donuts

    • Nikki Norwine

      Several adorable crafty ideas and food ideas for Christmas. Several would be great for kids to do! These snowmen are made out of donut holes and small donuts!

    • Kim Satterfield Masters

      snowmen doughnuts! (small powdered donut; two powdered donut holes; thin mint; mini Reese's cup; pretzel for nose and black decorator's gel for face and buttons....great idea for next year! For breakfast have the table set with a little snowman town that your guests can eat

    • Janell O'Dowd

      Cute Idea! I let the kids build their own snowman at my daughter's birthday as a craft before they decorated the Christmas tree! It was a big hit. I found it on Family fun

    • Bradley Gean

      Donut Snowmen... that'd be a fun thing to do with kids during Christmas break before a party

    • Nancy

      Donut Snowman : Small powdered doughnut Powdered doughnut hole Decorators' gel Mini Reese's Peanut Butter Cup Thin Mint Pretzel Set a powdered doughnut hole atop a mini powdered doughnut. Use decorators' gel to add face, buttons, and carrot nose. (If gel won't stick, smooth the powder with a dab of water) To add a top hat to snowman, stick a small piece of a pretzel through a Thin Mint and into a mini Reese's peanut butter cup; secure the hat in place on the snowman.

    • Sarahs Crafty Creations

      Snowman Donuts ~ Great for Winter or Christmas Creative Kid Snack! *Donut Holes (held together with toothpicks, or just squish them together) *any type flat small chocolate covered cookie *1 mini Reece peanut butter cup *either mini chocolate chips or pipe on frosting for eyes, mouth and buttons *sliver of a carrot or apple for the nose (to make it more healthier without the guilt of giving kids all that sugar at once LOL serve with sliced banana (made into a baby snowman)

    • Linda Suihkonen

      Use hat idea for donut snowmen on a skewer. Can use donut holes or mini-donuts.

    • Courtney Lewis

      Christmas Food Ideas - Donut Snowmen. Great snack around Christmas time!

    • Lori Wolfington Connelly

      #Donut #Snowmen #snow #holiday #cold

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