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  • Dr. Tom Denham

    Dr. Tom's Daily Motivational Message... #CareerCounselingAlbany

  • Anita Young

    Thought stages, yes I can!

  • Jennifer Luokkala

    Which step am I on? A great way for kids to visualize and express their success (or frustration). The step by step helps it not be overwhelming.

  • Julie Pieprzyk

    We all take baby steps to get to the top! If you are wanting to get there and just can't seem to do it on your own, let me help coach you there. Find me on Facebook: or visit for more information.

  • Bethany Avery

    Everything as babysteps.


    Goal setting - I have that old "Ladder of Achievement" poster, the kids enjoy it, wonder if they'd like this better? JAMSO loves this quote, why not follow us on twitter? @jamsovaluesmart for goalsetting and KPI inspired updates, white papers, case studies and news. You can also visit the website now on

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not one on this earth will not feel the impact of this world fallen. Look unto the Lord and he will heal the broken heart.

need to use tis with my students in the beginning of the year. May try it now too

I had the courage or the audacity or the stupidity to take a chance. I didn't know what the hell would happen.

A great infographic about how you can assess if students are understanding information as it is being presented. It offers suggestions on how to structure information presentation as well as how to clarify the information if students are having difficulty understanding concepts. All in a digestible and visually appealing format.

that makes you think..oh wait..i started with that hits a couple of them