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Using the frame as a guide, position the remaining Dek-Block® piers directly beneath the frame using the dimensions provided on the plan. The blocks to the outside of the deck should be 12 inches in from each end. Deckmans Comments Do not get caught up in the small dimensions. Positioning the blocks do not need to be exact. There is a lot of play in the spacing between the piers. As long as you do not exceed 5 feet between blocks, the deck will be fine. I

Begin by positioning two corner Dek-Block® piers directly on the soil. If the ground is sloped, remove only the top soil directly under the block so that the block sits level. Verify that the distance between the blocks is accurate by referencing the dimensions on the plan. The outside edge of the finished floor will extend out past the center of the Dek-Block® piers by 13 1/2 on both sides.

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First, place the two remaining corner Dek-Block® piers. Next, measure the depth of the shed floor from the outside edge of one block to the outside edge of the next block. Use the same width between Dek-Block® piers as the first row. Remove the first support board and temporarily position a 2x6 end board on top of the first rows 4x4 post or block, and extend to the outside corner block.

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