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    2 paper plates glued together. Cut 12 flaps around the edge. Write equivalent minutes underneath. Could attach movable hands. Good idea!



    • Dianne De Wys

      Learning to tell time by making a 'peek-a-boo' clock. Made with two paper plates, a brad, and two bobby pins spray painted red for the short bobby pin to match the red numbers for hour and the other painted blue to match the blue numbers for minutes.

    • Michelle Shaddix

      telling time: two paper plates; clock hands are blue and red to match hours and minutes

    • Beth Storey

      way to teach time and a whole lot more. Primary School maths skills.

    • Carole Haley

      Paper plate clock that helps kids learn how to tell time.

    • Joanne Murray

      double paper plates clock for 'learning to tell time'

    • Ruth Collins

      Double paper plate clocks and more math ideas

    • Alice Leonard

      telling time with paper plate clocks

    • Cristal Wilson

      Say it with me: “transmediation”. These “peek-a-boo” clocks are one of the best projects I have seen for a math lesson that touches on multiple sign systems. To start, the students created these clocks (art incorporation!) and, as we learned through Berghoff’s article, “students learn better at a higher cognitive level when art and music are incorporated in the learning experiences.” As well, the clocks are “great for kinesthetic and visual learners”. Any activity that can address more than one type of learner is always a winner because, as Capello and Hollingworth tell us, “learners retranslate their understanding of an idea, concept, or text through another medium”. This craft is giving students the opportunity to apply the concept of time in a different way which ultimately will expand their understanding of the skill give them the confidence to feel comfortable working with time. Not only is this a fun activity for students, but it is also an extremely helpful resource in learning time.

    • Kaitlyn Wilford

      Teaching clock

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    The Stay-at-Home-Mom Survival Guide: Preschool Activities This is a GREAT site. She has so many clever and easy ways to work with your preschooler and have fun at the same time.

    Paper Plate Fruit - good for fractions.

    This is a two page file--one page in color and the other in black and white. The key words can be given to the students to keep in their math folde...

    This is originally used for a younger grade, but I think it could be very helpful to 6th grade too. This allows students to not just see numbers and try to match equivalent fractions, but they can really see the relationship of those fractions based on length of units. This would be more introductory and the students would learn to not need this resource after a certain time period.