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      Breastfeeding in America. #breastfeeding #milk #breast #baby #america #infographic #kids #mom #mother

    • Kaila Brand

      I have NOTHING against formula feeding, but I've been exclusively breastfeeding (pumping) since day one and I'm proud of myself for making it this far!

    • Melissa French: More With Less Mom & HousePunkery

      The Benefits of Breastfeeding infographic Formula fed babies are 14x more likely to be hospitalized!

    • Ashly

      The Benefits of Breastfeeding. Also- did you know that if a baby comes in contact with a germ, when they breast feed, the germ is introduced back to the mother while feeding. Then, she will automatically make antibodies for that germ, and provide it back to her baby via her breast milk. How cool!

    • KW

      What about mothers/parents who have children who CAN'T Breastfeed. Have you ever thought about the adopoted baby? Not breast feeding, Obviously. And Mother's whose bodies can't make enough to support their baby? Or babies who NEED supplements? Remember that even though "Breast Milk is Best" -- it's NOT ALWAYS an option. Don't shun the mothers/parents who can't. Thanks.

    • Katie Asay

      Fascinating picture of "The Benefits of Breastfeeding". If you're able, there is nothing better for your baby then breastmilk.

    • AmyelswickGentry RickyGentry

      The Benefits of Breastfeeding infographic - interesting stuff, and the rest of her site is fantastic too (just overlook the somewhat colorful language...)

    • Michaela - Serene Doula

      The Benefits of Breastfeeding "...babies should continue to breastfeed for a year or more while solids are introduced." - American Academy of Pediatrics

    • Ashley

      Breastfeeding Stats

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    Interesting opinion on baby carriers and how some of the most popular brands (baby b'jorn) can be terrible for your child's hips/bone development.

    The Big Benefits of Breastfeeding. Baby K was breastfed for 18 mos before finally weaned herself. I really miss our breastfeeding days

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    To become a retailer visit www.GreenTeamDist... Booby Tubes-Ah, breastfeeding. Something so perfectly natural can be a pain in the breast! Once you get it down it'll all be worth it, and in the meantime Mama made Booby Tubes® to help ease the discomforts of your mamariffic mammaries.

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    For all of you nursing mothers- these saved my life. Made from flax seeds and simple enough to diy.

    VERY interesting read... Ways to carry your baby and how it effects your their development. New Moms: Please read this, so you don't have to come see me. Love, your child's Physical Therapist. Research-based information on the effects of strollers, buggies, papooses and swaddling as well as the benefits of proper baby-wearing. This is a fascinating read!

    Breastfeeding Facts infographic

    Breastfeeding diet dos and donts. Great to know for young Moms. Breast feeding was the hardest thing I've ever done, but one of the thing I'm most proud of for sticking it out.

    This is awesome!

    Adventures in Breastfeeding + Altered Shirt Tutorial (I should remember this and not get rid of all of those tank tops with thin straps)


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