Image6 This is a picture of a quote that I try to live my life by everyday. This quote stood out to me because I've lived and learned from my life experiences some maybe not the best of choices. To me the road in this picture is we all take different paths in life. I feel people can relate because everyone take a path they choose some might be good or bad choices and when people try to start a new chapter in life its hard to look back on your past.

Anything worth while takes effort and consistency. It is important to always keep pushing and moving forward. #thrive #quotes

I have! I'm grateful for all the pain and trials I have experience in my life because they make me who I am today. I'm a warrior because of them!<3

I need this projected onto my ceiling, printed out in reverse so I can see it as I back out of my driveway and maybe a vinyl cricket die-cut so I can stick it (on the cover!) to my planner, ok, it's more of a journal these days. However, yeah good point!

I'm so exhausted and overwhelmed from my first week of school, that I picked my extreme for of exercise for this morning, hot yoga.  I love ...

Not in my life on a regular basis, that means we are no longer friends. Sure know a lot of shitty people. Why I've chosen to separate myself and worry ALL ABOUT ME.

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