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The food pyramid. You can put every food group in a pizza and it's STILL unhealthy. Proof that this method does NOT WORK. Eat fruits and vegetables, people. Sometimes old sayings really do ring true. :)

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Pizza Blanket

One day I'll buy it for my boyfriend. Swear to god that man eats nothing but pizza

okay... can i just say i want this guy to redecorate my room One Direction style? perhaps even bring the boys to my room for the big opening?

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From Karaoke Politics To Anti-Homewrecking Sentiment, Here Are Tonight's Best 'Girl Code' Quips As Memes!

This is my life. Oh you wanna get thin? Let's buy two boxes of thin mints.

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Flirting. You're doing it wrong.

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This is how I look like



Those Facebook couples…

seriously though

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