*Aurora Borealis

Aurora Borealis Mermaid ¿QUE COLORIDO...?

double rainbow

APOD: 2013 November 6 - Creature Aurora Over Norway


Aurora Borealis Milky Way endless stars, Iceland

Northern Lights


the setting moon ~ amazing!

Wow... What a beautiful picture! This would make a great picture to frame.

The Northern Lights from space! - photo from Talk Science To Me ... pic.twitter.com/ckD6vaj5QC ...I can only guess this is real...

Aurora Borealis. Iceland.

Exploding Sky With Aurora

#Aurora #LifeOnEarth

Aurora Boreali

Amazing Storm

amazing clouds

Aurora Borealis - Iceland

Aurora Borealis - Northern Norway

Magic Aurora Colours In Arcipelago, Winter

Stunning aurora borealis