Letter "D" Duck

Play and Learn with Dana: Letter "I" Ice Cream

letter B craft

Letter D activities

letter B craft

Alphabet Letter P is for Pig

B is for Bird- and other fun letter associations.

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Alphabet activities: Alphabet Fuse Bead Busy Bags - Learn your letters

Great website with different ideas for Mommy school - books by letter, snacks by letter, and letter worksheet (go to "school" drop-down menu)

preschool letter L

Alphabet crafts for each letter

Letter M monsters :) #preschool #crafts #letter m

Alphabet Spoons-put upper case letter on white, lower case letter on clear then kids match!

Letter crafts for each letter of the alphabet

A craft for every letter of the alphabet! - woulda been useful while i was teaching pre-schoolers.... lol

A great way to incorporate an image into a letter. This will help the students link an object with the letter and can potentially help them remember letters and objects of that letter.

Montessori Alphabet Objects Lot In Case by CuriousMindsBusyBags

Letter G craft