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In Depression-era New York, an elderly man named Albert Fish lured children to their deaths. Filmmaker John Borowski tells the true story of the sadomasochistic cannibal in this grisly docudrama, which also features interviews with outsider artist Joe Coleman and true-crime author Katherine Ramsland. The film was an official selection at the 2006 Bloodbath U.K. Horror and Exploitation Film Festival.

In this Korean horror-thriller based on a true story, a girl traces her missing sister to the home of an elderly man where, unbeknownst to the neighbors, horrible things have been happening behind closed doors.

Based on the true story of Ted Bundy, the serial killer who horrified America in the 1970s by slaughtering women across the country, this drama traces the life of the "charming" psychopath.

College kids travel to a small mountain town to interview the author of a book about several grisly murders that happened there. But the author is nowhere to be found and the townspeople say the killer never existed and the murders never happened.

Oscar-nominated actor Robert Forster (Jackie Brown) narrates this explosive toast to the American exploitation film, an admittedly lowbrow art form with undeniably high entertainment value -- and a staple of so-called grind house cinema. Highlights include clips from long-forgotten gems, plus interviews with grind house aficionados Joe Dante, Jack Hill, John Landis, Herschell Gordon Lewis, Fred Williamson and more.

Filmmaker Vikram Gandhi puts an unexpected twist on this sobering documentary about spirituality and the power of suggestion when he poses as a prophet named Kumaré and develops a sizable following in the American Southwest.

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Dammit, Janet - The Rocky Horror Picture Show Poster

Dammit Janet The Rocky Horror Picture Show Print // $20.00 - @Rachelle