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Celebrity @ChefDavidBurke and Sodexo hold grand opening of restaurant @williamandmary:

Teddy Bear Graham Cookies Holding Conversation Hearts. Easy and cute Valentine's Day treat!

Weekend vibes...Regram via @amazing.architecture Z-loft / Third prize in the competition design FAKRO / A10 Thanks @ommstudio for the suggestion . Main Award Cycle 14 20 10 X World Architecture Community Award Located in the Grand Canal Dock in Dublin Ireland the old industrial mill known as "Boland's Flour Mill" otrzmał new life by creating a zigzag form of the lofts on its facade. The individual boxes in the shape of the letter "z" hover above the water and are arranged like a ribbon cr...

This ceremonial dance mask apparently depicts the kind of powerful tunraaq spirit that lived in the moon and controlled the availability of sea mammals. The spirit’s hand is shown with no thumb and a hole in its palm, symbolizing the community’s desire that it not hold on to all of the animals, allowing some to return for spring hunting. The face of a seal emerges from the left side of the face and other mask appendages include the bow of a kayak and a fin, possibly of a whale. Magemut

Crouching Figure of Atlas Baldassare Tommaso Peruzzi (Italian, Ancaiano 1481–1536 Rome); On verso, annotated in pen and brown ink, by the hand usually identified with the "Borghese Sagredo" album (Zaccaria Sagredo?), "22/ S.R [...]".

Community Post: Grand Central Turns 100: A Look Back, Then And Now

We remain exceptionally good at building tools and machines. And that includes machines that do what we do. Machines that dig, sow, and reap. Machines that kill and machines that prolong life. Machines that calculate, and, before long, machines who think.

Crones,hags,& witches frequently were leaders,midwives & healers in their communities.The meanings of these three words,however,were distorted & eventually reversed during the 300 years of the Inquisition when the male-dominated church wanted to eliminate women holding positions of power.Women identified as witches,who were often older women,i.e. crones & hags, were tortured & burned,& the words witch, crone,& hag took on the negative connotations that continue in our language.- Anya…