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I see what you did there, Disney

The Circle of Life. Cute! ...Click this image to browse lots more great #Quotes

Watching the sunrise…lol...being the third wheel can sometimes be fun (just sing the song from Lion King)

Well ain't that the circle of life....

funny disney | funny-Disney-Lion-King-Hercules-Scar-rug.gif

I just thought it was two parents trying to get out of having to parent at silly o'clock in the morning................

The Lion King. These pictures have so much more meaning now that I have a newborn

When Disney Superfans Text I'm sure mom would get a kick out of this, she loves funny text pictures

okay so the Lion King was one of my favorite disney movies. I've pretty much seen them all and there only a select few that i'll never forget and I know I want my kids to watch them somebody.