nutella mug cake.

Nutella Cake Mug

3-Ingredient Single-Serving Nutella Brownie | 28 Sexy Brownies To Spend Valentine's Day With

Micro Nutella cake for 2

Nutella Mug Cake

18 microwave-in-a-mug recipes.... The cinnamon roll is amazing!

All you need is just 2 minutes to enjoy this chocolaty treat - no egg, no butter Instant Chocolate Cake in Mug!!

Crazy/Wacky Cake in a Mug - Single Serving - No eggs, milk or butter! Ready in 2 minutes in the microwave! Super moist, delicious...easy! |

The ultimate collection of lip-smacking cakes that you can make in a mug, in the microwave, in five minutes flat

Mug with a hoop

Instead of making a whole batch of cookies, the next time you need a little sweetsie something, consider this 60-second chocolate chip cookie. Made in a mug. Cooked in the microwave. Totally delicious.

Tuscan Chicken Skillet - the perfect one-pan meal!

Easy Homemade Bounty Bars. Combine coconut with condensed milk, form oval creatures. Freeze them. Mix microwaved chocolate with chocolate pieces. Cover candies with it. Make some efforts and you will be amused with results. Enjoy!

oreo cheesecake cupcakes?!?! This has to be a sin!!!

Single Lady 5-Minute Gooey Molten Chocolate Mug Cake | @hbharvest

dorm room recipe?

Ovens are for chumps. Lazy girls know you can make mug cake in the microwave in minutes. | 17 Recipes Every Lazy Girl Needs To Know

Self frosting Nutella cupcakes and 14 other Nutella recipes! Yummmmmm!

nutella chow

Cupcakes baked in ketchup cups, so cute for a party or a shower! You can use a flat baking sheet too as the cups are strong enough and don't need a muffin tin. All kinds of awesome!!