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    A street dog and a blind epileptic dog end up at the same clinic and become best friends, Blair leads Tanner around on his leash ♥

    Lily and Maddison. Beautiful, inseparable best friends. ... Lily is blind, but Maddison helps her -- Maddison is Lily's guide dog :) Such a heart-warming story ♥

    How can you look at this and not want one

    How do I get this one?!?

    Panda Dog!

    half golden half wiener dog= CUTEST THING EVER!

    Too Cute!!




    Who's the master in this relationship then? With some standing nearly 6ft tall, you might think its the pets who are taking the lead in these incredible pictures. Not only do the oversized dogs tower over their owners, they have wagging tongues as big as human heads.

    partners in crime

    True love!

    Dogs and their kids

    Lily, six, was barely a puppy when she was struck down by a condition that caused her eyelashes to grown into her eyeballs, damaging them beyond repair. It was after this traumatic event that her relationship with seven-year-old Maddison developed as she took her under her wing.

    Dogs just make me smile


    “she sat in the water for like an hour, just staring at the water peacefully'

    Thomas O’Malley Flufferpants LURVES to snuggle his doggie friend. GET A ROOM, KIDS!