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Best Work-Life Balance Quotes

Work-Life Balance Quotes: What People Are Saying About Having It All

"We need women who are so strong they can be gentle, so educated they can be humble..." quote, women, girls.

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100 Best Quotes in My Notebook

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Mom always said , "if you don't have anything nice to say; don't say anything at all.". Good advice.

Heather anytime I saw you. You put a smile on my face that I never had in my life. The sweetness that you have is one a kind. The beautiful person you are inside and out. Makes me smile Heather. The honest person that you are gave me a reason to believe me in myself. Heather I just miss you so much. I just have regret because of what happened and what I did that was wrong. I do not even have a smile anymore. Because I miss you and Lucy and I know what I did was wrong.

Absolutely love this... Wish I found this out years ago! What the real meaning of being saved is!! (Thank you Jesus)

You were an exquisite waste of time #quotes #love #romance #exquisite #time say-it-once-more-with-feeling

So incorrect. If you don't do MEANINGFUL things when you're young and throughout your WHOLE life, you'll have nothing to smile about when you're old. In fact, I know of more old people who frown & get sad about their "wild years" thinking it was time wasted than people who look back on wildness with any sort of fondness. It's just not how life works...