forGIVE to forGET

Pinning this to "love quotes" because so many women I know shift their boundaries of what they are willing to put up with from a man. Please don't do that. Know your worth. You are precious.

great quote about forgiveness

I try to remember this when I encounter people in my life who are either kind and generous or mean and spiteful so that I can emulate the former and forgive but remember the lessons learned from the latter. School is always in session while we yet live in these mortal bodies in an imperfect world.

This is so true. I was in awful relationship earlier this year, but I finally had the courage to break off the toxic interactions. He stays in my heart, because that is a learning experience I will never forget. On the other hand, once the 'control freak' was gone, the people who should have been in my heart AND life...gradually came back!

As You Make It


can I get an AMEN?

need to do.

Do what you love and do it often. #Inspiration #Inspire #Motivation #Determination #Dedication #Quotes #Sayings

La mejor forma de hacer tus sueños realidad es despertar. #inspiracion #inspiration #quotes #frases #dreams #sueños

great quote!

Never forget it :)



never forget what you have

don't forget


a reminder