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New Series: Living on Less than $28,000 A Year (pt.1

{UPDATE Feb. 2013: Welcome! These posts are from a series I started in February of 2012. Our income has since increased a little, but we still use these same principles to live on less so we can spend our money on our true priorities.} _____________ Living on Less Than $28,000 A Year: Yes, our famil...
  • Lou Cobler

    Great tips on how to make a little go a long way. This would be a great way to save money!

  • Daniela Gomez

    How this family of six thrives on less than 28,000 dollars a year. Great budgeting ideas.--- budgeting tips for the future

  • Erin Blake

    Can't ever hurt to learn better ways of saving money!! Great site with lots of tips for living frugally... no matter how much $ you make. Pin now read later.

  • Kayleigh Hines

    great budgeting tips! perfect for living simply :-) phillip's words ...."ah heck yeah!"

  • Christine Graybeal Kuzinski

    Have not read this yet but if their family of 6 can live on 28000 a year I can definitely learn some budgeting things from them!

  • Micha Hibbs

    Blog of a family of six living on less than 28,000 a year. Lots of good budgeting ideas. Who couldn't use help saving money?

  • Quite Simply

    This is a great blog about frugal living ideas!

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