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  • Alicia De Tomás

    La Pedrera, AKA Casa Mila. Antoni Gaudi. Barcelona, Spain. 1905-10

  • Tasha Gray

    Antonio Gaudi rooftop

  • Hyewon Oh

    Casa Milla « The Organic Architecture Guild

  • CarlosYanez


  • Jennifer Lobdell

    Gaudi rooftop, Barcelona Spain

  • Susan Pogany

    Aesthetics, Arts and Crafts and Art Nouveau: Vis. Art, Architecture, Material Culture

  • Sheryl Herdson

    love love. When the photographer first saw pictures of Gaudí’s architecture about 15 years ago, she couldn’t even believe what she was seeing. Whacky, improbable yet gorgeously compelling buildings and parks rippled in front of her in picture after colorful picture.

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Gaudi... Work began in 1882 and should be completed in 2026 .. this is the crossing and dome of the Sagrada Família basilica, Barcelona, Catalonia.

It looks like gumdrops! Reminds me of Hansel & Gretel. Gaudí, Park Güell, #Barcelona

Casa Milan by architect-Antoni Gaudi. Built during 1905-1910. Stone facade and wrought iron decoration of the balconies & windows designed by Josep Maria Jujol.

Antoni Gaudi - Birthday - June 25, 1852 - June 7, 1962 Modern Art, Art History, Painting, Illustration, Photography, Sculpture

Винный туризм по Каталонии ! Встреча в аэропортах Жироны и Барселоны, Туры по средневековым городам Рупит, Безалу и Жирона, Экскурсии в средневековый Безалу и Олот, Каталония в Миниатюре - для детей и взрослых, Монтсеррат гора исполнения желаний, Жирона как исторический памятник культуры и старины, Театр-Мухей С.Дали глазами туриста, Монтсеррат и пещеры сделайте свой отдых максимально приятным vipgid.wordpress....

A classical confusion: despite at the top of this building there is a HUGE "Gaudi" sign, the building has nothing to do with him, but inside the museum they have a couple of rooms where you can learn about his Cripta Güell...

La Pedrera/ Casa Mila. Antoni Gaudi. Barcelona, Spain. 1905-10

Het is toch ongelofelijk hoe dat een man zi iets kan maken. Het is buitengewoon. Nu snap ik waarom ze hem zowel een genie vond als eeb gekke

Gaudi - check out all of his architecture! Been there, so cool, even after having to climb more than 300 steps on a narrow tower to get to the highest point. Amazing view!