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america -_- (aaahahahah)

English is a ridiculous language

Oh, my goodness - I am laughing in a terribly obnoxious way. A Collection of "Language Differences" memes...or, "Language Differencies", if one is to be exact.

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Cartoon logic compilation


Welcome to the English language.

Welcome to English :)

Fixed it, OCD style.

Fixed it, OCD style.

Fixed it, OCD style.

Fixed it, OCD style - quite comforting, actually. For kasey!!: Organization, Ocd Style, My Life, So Happy, Funny, Ocd People


Just Robert Downy Jr.

Just Robert Downy Jr. being awesome


When is it okay to ask a woman if she is pregnant?

To all the assholes....

hahahaha this is SO funny!!! laughed a little too hard at this...lmao

9GAGfrom 9GAG

German Language by Mark Twain

German Language by Mark Twain--So you know German? No wonder you don’t like fun things. You're welcome. BTW its usually Krankenwagen rather than Rettungswagen, I live in Germany, I'm not german