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kd lang & Cindy Crawford, 1993 Vanity Fair CLASSIC!

i pinned this, i didn't gay pin it

Don We Now Our Gay Apparel Funny Christmas Card (set of 4) | 19 Funny & Festive Etsy Christmas Cards

"Hope will never be silent." — Harvey Milk

Harvey Milk

Jessica Capshaw and Sara Ramirez have the best chemistry playing Arizona Robbins and Callie Torres (Calzona) on Grey's Anatomy.

Arizona Robbins and Callie Torres (Jessica Capshaw and Sara Ramirez) LOVE

Callie Torres and Arizona Robbins ♥


All Power to the People

#lesbian kiss #lesbian cartoon

wanda sykes

The Pledge

Don't Be Afraid!

The right-of-way.

Megan Rapinoe (U.S. Women’s Olympic Soccer Team): “There’s really not that many out athletes. It’s important to be out and to live my life that way.”


lgbt gay lesbian

'Hell' yeah!


Tegan and Sara

Alice Paul went on a hunger strike where she was force fed raw eggs (down her nose) until she vomited blood. She was then put into a sanitorium with the hopes of being declared insane. Her doctor's reply said, “Courage in women is often mistaken for insanity.” Suffrage passed 3 years later.

Hero of equal rights !

Equal Rights! Thank you Mr. President!