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Open Newel Circular Stair - University of Music Karlsruhe via Flickr

Fibonacci's Dream This spiral staircase called "Wendelstein" is made of sandstone and part of Castle Hartenfels in Torgau / Saxony

Inspiring photography. Each stair is lit from every angle, the stairs appear to be inside out, going up, and going down all at once. The color of the stairwell fades from a pigmented black to a soft blue. The photo's concept is simple, but the details make the image really striking.

♥ Mint Green Spiral Staircase - Spirograph - Iowa City, IA

Spiral Staircases...

It's the simple, unadorned, Shaker-furniture-in-a-rustic-hut quality of it that really gets you.

tumblr_mvg7itaQj61qjr7k7o1_500.jpg (500×750) ❤ ❤ ❤

secret places...totally going to have a secret hallway with a secret staircase, leading to a secret room in my home. Don't know what I'll use it for, but I'm definately going to have one!

I really enjoy this mansion-styled staircase. It becomes a focus point in the center of any home, consisting of luxurious wide steps that fork left and right mid-way up. Extravagant.