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I do this to people but I hate when people to this to me. but u shud ve listened the first time

That is true I mean I am the Historian of my student council and I did cheer I do swim I do read a lot so yeah

when i'm bored, nobody texts me. when i'm busy, i'm the most popular person on the planet. hahaha LOL SO TRUE!

and the bravest and strongest men will climb the highest.

The easy ones are picked up by boys who won't climb to the top of the tree to get the good ones.

oh Gosh I did that to my friend once.. and you could have swore I was speaking some language that no one knows about

lolsotrue: Texting someone while you are half asleep then reading your text in the morning and realizing you made no sense.

This is so me, always tabbin it up...that's why the sound stays on mute, lol

lolsotrue: "That awkward moment when you have over 10 tabs open and you can't figure out which one the music if coming from.

Yuuup!  Never been more free of unnecessary stress than the day those clouds moved away!

Some people are like clouds, when they disappear it's a brighter day.

Things You Do That Piss Me Off: Pad

Things You Do That Piss Me Off: Pad (Notebook / blank book)

My little one has many of these magical moments,

That 'magical' moment during your childhood when you fell asleep on the couch and woke up on your bed.