Lots of great sewing techniques with clear and detailed photos... very useful =)

nähtina: Säumen ohne Furcht und Tadel - ein Tutorial, und eine Produktempfehlung

Lace insertion tutorial, clever and saves time

6 Sewing Hacks With Masking Tape | makery

Sewing 101: Know your presser foot - House of Pinheiro I need this

Wow...the easiest zipper tutorial I think I've ever seen.

binding tutorial with a flat fell foot

using the hemming foot. Fantastic tutorial

seam tutorials

Pintuck Foot For Low-Shank Sewing ::: Cool little foot ... watch the video to see what it does. Putting this on my wish list!

Presser Feet Tutorials: Wow, an amazing video. I never thought 20 minutes would go by that fast. Covers a lot of different presser feet, showing installation, settings and examples of usage with enough detail but no excessive redundancy or chatter.

how to hem pants like the professionals do... with great technique I should use next time

I always forget how to do this. Simple instructions with lots of pictures.

TUTORIAL: a simple skirt | MADE. Detailed instructions on how to sew an elastic waistband. (Will need this for Sophie's Halloween costume.

Just used this tutorial to sew an invisible zipper for the first time, it worked perfectly

A free printable for your sewing room or as a gift for someone who loves sewing...A LOT.

Sewing inspiration for little girl summer dresses

Sew practical textile pencil technique patchwork mosaic. Tutorial in pictures. Пенал из ткани. http://www.handmadiya.com/2015/09/pencil-patchwork-tutorial.html Пенал из ткани

This website has lots of upscale sewing projects - nice!

Seam Ripper - Brass #Home_Decorating #Bathroom_Ideas #ideas_For_Home_Decoration #Best_Home_Decor_Tips #Home_Decor #Home_Design

Sewing Dictionary: Basic Sewing Terms Defined (with pictures to help!)