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4 Essential Ingredients For Raising Your Standards

Penmanship is seldom taught in school anymore, but that doesn't mean it's not important. Whether students write in print or cursive, they need to develop neat, legible writing in order to communicate effectively in writing. If we can't read their writing, how can we access the content of their work? Free Packet

4 Ways to step out of your social media comfort zone

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{We are always missing one thing} I’ve bookmarked 101 awesome ideas on Pinterest, but when I pull up activities to do with the girls there is always that one thing missing. Our glue sticks have dried up, the pipe cleaners have all been used, the glitter got dumped on the cat’s head; the list goes on. Being a working parent and raising a family is chaotic... here's one way to deal with the crafty pressure of Pinterest.

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Where Do Good Ideas Come From?

Tip to Maximize Your Problem Solving Skills

A mentor can give you advice on how to get over the mountain, but an advisor should help get you through the mountain!

10 Ways to Deal Positively with Anger

Did you know we, as human beings, we are unique among the animal kingdom because of our ability to consciously consider the passing of time? http://www.budgetblonde.com/2015/03/01/delayed-gratification-and-the-passage-of-time/

Four Reasons You Should Care About Emotional Intelligence

interesting statistics for women in the workplace.

Why Creativity Is the Most Important Leadership Quality

Life Is About Momentum, Not Motions

The Truth About Your Time

99 Ways to Improve Your Communication

tips for increased productivity.

I can relate to this! Loved this read!

Why is Pinterest So Addictive?