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    Yep. I'm old.

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    • Tammy Norris

      Feel old yet? Because I do!!! I remember watching all of this stuff!! Oh childhood how I missed you!

    • Kristin Sladich

      More "make you feel old" stuff. I actually didn't believe the Home Alone one so I had to IMDB it. How was I only 1 year old when that movie came out?

    • Alison Kavulak

      Movies and tv shows from way back when. It is crazy to think that they came out or started so long ago. I think I am getting old, but always will be young at heart. ;)

    • Inge Diedericks

      feel old yet? oohhhhh im sooo old #nineties #nostalgia #throwback #homealone #spongebob #1990s #90schildhood #memories #1980schild #childhood

    • Karla Huyett

      a few good ones are missing, but this is my childhood! like... i still love all these shows & movies. Will i ever grow up? nope :)

    • Mekela Tyler

      I was 4 when "Spongebob" aired, I was 2 when "Pokemon" aired and when "Space Jams" came out in theaters. I was 1 when "Arthur" aired. I was a baby when "A Goofy Movie" and "Dexter's Lab" came out and aired. I wasn't even born yet when "Lion King", "Power Rangers" and "Home Alone" came out. I'm younger than 50% of the movies listed and I've just reached a WHOLE new level of "feeling old"!... WAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!

    • Amanda Smith

      I feel so incredibly old now. I'm older than almost all of these shows and movies! D:

    • Amber Mabe

      I feel so old now..this is kind of crazy and funny at the same time!

    • Amy Lynn

      LOVED being a 90s kid but.. damn i feel old now

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