so true


Art This is officially one of my favorite quotes on this board if for no other reason then I would die if someone said this to me. falling-in-love-with-love

good advice


This is so good. It certainly will help to have your girls be able to tell the difference between a creep and a gentleman.


Obviously that's true

Girls *should*. But they don't always, sadly. If a man isn't nice to his mother, he certainly won't be nice to you. My momma told me that when I was a teenager. It took many failed relationships and a divorce to realize she was right!

I have the best Hubby :)


so true...

A real man

hug back

What every boy needs to know

Boys who wear dress shirts with the sleeves rolled up!!! most attractive thing... ever...

be married to a man who makes you laugh :)

It's true:)