Stamp a marker top in black ink to make the circles for "teeth." Roll the dice to add the correct number of "teeth." Is it ironic or what, to use marshmallows on a tooth decay lesson? Mama Bee From the Hive Blog- great pictures & activities.

dental health art projects for kids - Google Search

Painting overhead is fun while building strength and coordination.

gingerbread dice game-- first to get all the numbers wins

Craft and book ideas for dental health month in February. I am doing this for my 3 year olds. great way to show them foods that are healthy for you and unhealthy for you.


I Can Brush My Teeth

Great, fun matching game

Magnetic Number Fishing...they add what they catch!

Growing Hair! This would be fun in a plant unit.

Butterfly life cycle - what might chrysalis be like???? Checkout this great post on Kindergarten Lesson Plans!

Dental Health activities

My Five Senses Activity

Happy tooth sad tooth story. Place Happy Tooth and Sad Tooth onto a flannel board. Discuss each food and have the children decide if it's healthy or unhealthy for teeth and place them next to the appropriate tooth.

I love this counting activity!!! Scooping "Cool Whip" onto pie -- add small motor with tongs... bet it could be modified for math facts too.

Activities for Dental Health: pretty awesome idea to teach children about flossing. I would just paint the teeth white or let the kids do it with white paint and a tooth brush.

Spring Plant and Gardening Kindergarten Lesson Plan

Teaching The Importance of Teeth Health - Here is a great objective lesson teaching preschool and early elementary education aged children about the importance of teeth health! With hands on activities it’s not only educational but fun! Perfect for a homeschool lesson or just as an afternoon activity!

The Lesson Plan Diva: Dental Health Activity

Mamas Like Me: The Great 8 Octopus - Counting and Fine-Motor Skill Activity for Preschool & Toddlers

Teaching kids how to floss with blocks and yarn! Genius!!!