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Prius c: Hybrid is among hottest-selling small cars in years

Toyota Motor Corp.has been saying it has a hit with its new Prius c five-door hatchback, which is the smallest hybrid in the Prius family, and now there’s some independent analysis...

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Not a VW, but interesting---a camper back on a Prius!

Prius... best car EVER!!! We get between 45 mpg & 60 mpg!! NOT electric either!! It costs my hubby about $30 to fill up & it seems he can drive forever on a tank of gas!! Fun to drive too!

Prius V. I want one very much.

Prius V. 2013 purchased on 12/28/2013

My fiance pointed this out.... that the pictures of time trialers look a lot like the shape of a Prius.

Toyota Prius in white or black. The 50 mpg and how eco-friendly it is really makes me want to get it. Never thought I could afford a hybrid...will make me feel like I'm doing something good. Also...Ty already has a gas guzzler. lol.

What do you think of this cheetah paint job on this Toyota Prius...would you buy it if Maita Toyota of Sacramento had it on the lot?

Toyota Prius Our new car !! It's electric and we are getting over 125 miles to the gallon this month!

The famous leopard print Prius. Gotta love Johnson County.

2012 Toyota Prius V Infographic

Hottest car in the World right now: Zenvo ST1